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Welcome to Power2Max Australia

We are the official distributors of Power2Max power meters into Australia and New Zealand.

We are a small boutique distributor allowing us to have a strong customer focus, providing you with the personal tailored service you need to ensure you are set up with the perfect power meter for your needs. We offer local service and advice both before and after the sale, so you are never alone in your journey and of course full Australian warranty on all products we sell.

Stock is now in Australia for all lines in both the NG and NGeco models. We are constantly updating and expanding our P2M product lines so if you can not find a P2M item you require on our website or if you need any help with ordering the correct item please contact us and we will ensure you have the perfect fit for your needs.

For further assistance please seethe contact details below.

Why a spider based power metre over a pedal variety ?

Spider-based power meters are the gold standard !!

They are able to record total power output of both legs, as normally both legs are needed to constantly move the crankarms and the chain. On the contrary, single sided systems, like power meters in the left crankarm or pedal based power systems, simply double the power of one leg, leading to incorrect power meter readings.

The power2max founders have decided to follow the concept of the spider-based power meters, because after having evaluated the potential of all the other bicycle power meter solutions, one thing became clear: A spider-based power meter is the only way to offer a complete and high-quality power meter at a fair price.

Spider-based power meters are easy to use. Once assembled to the bike and paired to your bike computer, you do not have to think about maintenance, pairing, calibration and all those time consuming things. You can focus on the main thing, your training!

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