FSA powerbox Upgrades

Get your FSA powerbox Upgrade

Bring your training to the next level with additional functions for your NGeco power meter!
No matter if you want the additional data during the ride or for analysing your training session, the NGeco Upgrades offer you:

  • Bluetooth
  • Left /Right-Balance
  • Pedal Smoothness
  • Torque

How? Pretty easy! Buy the upgrade here and install it with the p2m App on your powerbox.

FSA powerbox Upgrade Bluetooth

With this upgrade your FSA PowerBox can transmit data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth Smart) to your bike computer.
Choose your upgrade!

FSA powerbox Upgrade Left/Right Balance

The L/R balance shows you the percentage each leg is contributing to your total power output. (power left = pressure on the left pedal + pull on the right pedal; power right = pressure on the right pedal + pull on the left pedal).

FSA powerbox Upgrade Pedal Smoothness

Pedal Smoothness is an advanced metric for riders who want to optimise their peddling. It shows you how evenly power is applied throughout your whole pedal stroke. Your FSA PowerBox power meter collects the data for both legs combined. Transmission to you bike computer is only possible via ANT+.

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