Since 2004 Drapac Pro Cycling has been on a journey holistic athlete development to encompass broader metrics of success. When the team graduated to the UCI professional continental level a decade later, it was in founding Pat’s Veg Cycling that Michael Drapac, together with his sons and supporters, continued the legacy of holistic development. Now the program continues its growth into 2017 as a UCI continental team in partnership with Cannondale–Drapac Pro Cycling.

The Drapac-Pat’s Veg program measure success not only by the medal around an athlete’s neck but also by the way they evolve, contribute and transition into society. The team understands its responsibility to ensure our members are equipped to become well-rounded citizens. This gives partners the opportunity to not only activate on excellence but also on things like joy, growth, health, education and sustainability.

power2max model: NG for Cannondale Crank

Drapac-Pat’s Veg 2017:

Cyrus Monk

Mat Ross

Liam White

James Pane

Drew Morey

Nicholas Katsonis

Theodore Yates

Jesse Featonby

Thomas Kaesler

Brad Evans

Oliver Kent-Spark